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Many of the lifeguards and faculty refuse to be there alone after dark. Things to Do in Carmel Photo: It is rare to see such a huge, diverse and magnificent wilderness so close to a major city.

Pasadena - The Castle Green - There have been door knobs that turned when no one was in the hall, shadows passing under the doors, footsteps heard, faucets turned on in some apartments, heavy perfume smells, chains rattling. Supposedly every Friday night around midnight a glowing figure walks the cemetery crying out for her child, and after about 15 minutes vanishes into the darkness.

Also at the front yard a girl has been seen about the age of 2 or 3 running around with a doll best restaurant for dating in san jose her hand.

How to Spend 1 or 2 Days in San Jose, Costa Rica

The stairwell to the bar area appears to be the home of a female spirit. Despite all that this buzzing metropolis has to offer, it is often overlooked by travelers because it can seem hectic and intimidating. Immigration Station as a processing station for almost a million of immigrants, mostly Chinese.

McCormick and Schmick's Seafood Restaurant Kansas City Regional Personality Touring the restaurants one might find themed rooms such as the Kennedy room located at the Fanueil Hall restaurant in Boston; local sports logos in exquisite glass-workings; or wood species indigenous to the region.

The Scenic Bluff Path will take you along the coast from Carmel Beach, popular among surfers,to the bird-watcher's paradise of Carmel River State Beach, which is also a scuba diving entry point.

The hotel is located in a historic building with high ceilings, original wood finishes, and authentic, Costa Rican decor. Volunteers from the Friends of the San Jose Rose Garden also come here to help prune, deadhead, fertilize, and weed.

This sprawling Central Market has hundreds of shops, stalls, and local restaurants spread out along the many corridors. Stroll to nearby town Stinson Beach for a nice meal or to check out the shops. The museum regularly offers classes and lectures for children and adults, and tours led by trained docents are available several times per month.

His wake was held with a portrait rather than his actual body in casket in the school, but his spirit never seemed to have left the room. Very cold in spots.

You can walk the beach for miles, go for a swim - there is a lifeguard - or join one of the many beach volleyball games going on.

Ravendale - Secret Valley Inn - It is located off the main highway used by truckers. Patrons and employees have constantly reported incidents.

Where she hides behind trees, people say its because she wants to play Hide-and-seek with you. There are also classes and camps for children. It is an area ,which should be investigated by parapsychologists, many people have died in car accidents on Pacific Coast Highway, which runs thru the beach area, or south end of the Naval Station.

But the lot remains vacant, even though they have tried to build on it several times.

Biga on the Banks, San Antonio

Stinson Beach is a popular spot for water sports, and visitors can wind surf, hang glide or kayak. There used to be an iron gate that had sharp black spikes sticking out of it. Ontario - Field between airport and freeway - There is a tree that grew up in a big open field where the bodies of an airline crash were laid.

Indians said to have been spotted both roaming the ridges on horseback and walking the creek for a few steps before disappearing completely. Another guy has died in that auditorium about a year ago when he had a heart attack while visiting the bathroom. It is rumored that sometimes bad patients were taken down into the catacombs to be tortured.

This fragrant paradise has served as the home to these blooming roses in San Jose sinceand it is one of the biggest and the most beautiful rose gardens in the world. The park contains six miles of excellent hiking trails but no bikes or horseback riding are allowed.

For a more authentic experience, check out Mercado Central. There is a storage room above the lower dining area and entrance.

When the Inn burned to the ground inor so, it was re-built in another location using the original blueprints. Also, if you are sitting in there someone will flush the toilets and turn on the water. The balcony has cold spots. Also while on in the parking lot patrol security has heard the sound of breaking glass as near as two cars away-upon investigation there is no cause for the sound.

And don't be surprised if you get a pat on your head for doing a good job.Welcome the best and the biggest collection of website templates online. TemplateMonster offers web templates designed and developed by field experts. Legacy Bars and Restaurants is Heritage’s new initiative that invites users to experience the history of San Francisco’s most legendary eateries, watering holes, dives, and haunts.

The Best City in the U.S.A. for Food and Wine. New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and Los Angeles may be some of the finalists but the winner for best food and wine is clearly Las Vegas. Clocking in at number one, Don Julio is also the largest tequila brand in terms of value.

Founded by Don Julio Gonzalez-Frausto Estrada inthe company has since become one of the most well. After 12 rounds of rum, a honeymooning couple bought their hotel in Sri Lanka, and they now run a successful B&B "Crazy ideas require biased self-belief and a bit of naivete," Gina Lyons said. Kansas City Seafood Restaurants Savoy Grill The Savoy Grill Kansas City Seafood and Steaks W 9th St Kansas City, MO () Not only have we enjoyed many meals at The Savoy, but we have spent many late night / early mornings running around the restaurant kitchen and hotel with the family that owns the hotel.

Best restaurant for dating in san jose
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