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I have never thought of this profession as a side hustle. You will receive calls from men who want to discuss taboo subjects: I had to command him to stop once he started reading off the number.

Where do you work.

Kate Upton

I had to take some international phone sex calls from London. I currently work as a PSO. I had a caller once who was going giving me his credit card number for me to buy some high heeled shoes. How do you handle that? She does outcalls only so she has a security guy her boyfriend go with her.

What are the odds? Being a good PSO is not about panting erratically into your phone set lolit is about being a great listener, improviser, having a positive attitude to different sexual practices and being empathetic to your customer needs.

It sounds like a good side job. Once a client says any of those 6 words, I immediately disconnect the call and hit a special code that alarms my employer that a caller discussed a taboo subject.

I would do it. Has doing this made you feel any different about those who work in the sex industry? Reply 26 Evan October 27, at 5: It seems like a great way to make some cash. Therefore, that is why I have freedom of when I work and who I choose to talk to.

That is no different than when the woman called me for a session even though my companies are for men calling for women. Therefore, it is easier for them to take that leap to the paid world. How much do you really make in a 4 hours shift? I took it up again recently because I already work from home on other ventures, but I wanted to boost up my income, and this integrates extremely well with my other ventures.

Look at it this way, it is easier to pick out a stripper, porn star, and streetwalker than it is a PSO and high end escort. Thema Martin October 28, at 2: I learned quickly that part of my job is to act like a therapist who has excellent listening skills because callers want you to just listen to their problems.

Thema Martin October 27, at 7: Jessica, The Debt Princess — Really?? My callers cannot recognize me since they only hear my voice. You take NO financial information from the clients. I am employed retail, I am also thinking of picking up a job as a server because I need the income. Dana, being a PSO is a great way for me to make cash while completing other duties simultaneously.

I also considered becoming an online Web researcher, which is doing research for companies from your home.Matt, that is a catchy title! Dana, being a PSO is a great way for me to make cash while completing other duties simultaneously. When my friends call me, I never just stop, sit down, and talk to them.

Katherine Elizabeth Upton (born June 10, ) is an American model and actress. Upton was named the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year following her appearance in the magazine inand was the cover model for theand issues.

Side Hustle Series: I’m a “Phone Actress”

She was also the subject of the th-anniversary Vanity Fair cover. Upton has also appeared in the films Tower Heist (), The.

Jane so sexy dating profile
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